Vagner Rocha Defeats Yuri Simoes at F2W 164

Another blockbuster card from the fine folks at Fight 2 Win is in the books! With a dynamite main event and solid undercard, the Dallas show remained unaffected by the harsh snowstorms Texas is currently withstanding. We saw a ton of pressure from these two titans, and a future rematch between them would delight grappling fas the world over.

So let’s give it a look, shall we?

Vagner Rocha and Simoes started off mainly on the feet. Both men go in hard on collar ties, looking to break the other’s posture early on. Simoes begins pushing back on Rocha toward the edge off the mat, causing a reset to the center. Both men transition to making grips, and the match remains here for about a minute.

While the two had their right and left hands interlocked in the match, Simoes briefly complained to the ref that Rocha had been bending them backward. This caused a momentary stop, but the bout resumed in a flash.

Simoes made the first big move of the night with a single leg TD attempt, but Rocha was able to hop on one leg till the other his free. Rocha goes back to hunting the snap down, almost seeming to hurt Simoes with slaps to the back of the neck.

Tired of the pace, Simoes pulls guard just before the minute mark. Rocha lands in half guard after a few failed escape attempts. Simoes went into a figure four position on a standing Rocha’s left leg, but again Rocha freed himself.

One minute left on the clock, it was time to start being creative. Rocha tried a double under pass, but wasn’t able to isolate the legs fast enough before Simoes defended. Simoes in turn, shot up for a triangle but was seen a mile away.

A muffler choke attempt from Rocha ended up being the last offense of the fight before the match. After a short deliberation, the judges called it for Rocha


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