VIDEO: American Top Team Instructor, Dennis Davidson, Catches Man Beating Dog

Count American Top Team instructor, Dennis Davidson, as an animal lover. When he and his wife happened upon a man beating his dog, they confronted the man, who was apparently drunk.

First, the drunk moved towards Davidson’s wife “in an aggressive manner,” according to the Youtube description.  He then lunged at Davidson, who easily took the man down and held him from behind.

Yet even when dealing with animal-beating scum, Dennis Davidson showed the world he is a true humanitarian.  He repeatedly told the man to stay still because he did not want to hurt him. The man who was accused of assaulting the dog complained that he could not breathe, but Davidson said he could breathe just fine.

The person videotaping the incident said the police were called.

Davidson’s wife said the man was kicking at the dog, punching it, and chasing it around. Luckily the dog was not seriously injured.

Towards the end of the video, the police arrived and took the man into custody.

You can watch the entire video here.


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