Gordon Ryan: ‘The First Time I Said Anything About Felipe, He Blocked Me On Facebook’

Gordon Ryan can roll, and he can troll. Apparently, his upcoming opponent, Felipe Pena, thinks he can do the latter too well.

“I think I’ve been less aggressive with my shit talking for this match,” Ryan said in an article by FloGrappling. “… solely because the first time I said anything about Felipe he blocked me on Facebook immediately.”

According to Flo, Pena’s refusal to take part in any online trash talking with Ryan came after Ryan posted an October 2015 article from Flo that listed Pena as one of the top black belts under 25 years old.

Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena are set to clash December 17 in a one-hour, submission-only superfight at Studio 540 in Solana Beach, California.


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