Elisabeth Clay Submits Maggie Grindatti At Who’s Number One

20-year-old Elisabeth Clay of Ares BJJ picked up another big win, this time at FloGrappling’s Who’s Number One event against Fight Sports athlete Maggie Grindatti.

Photo: Fight2Win/FloGrappling

Clay began the match playing guard, working in butterfly hooks as Grindatti worked from her knees. Although Clay briefly moved the match to the feet a couple of times, she quickly returned to the guard position, resuming hand-fighting with Grindatti before finally pulling her into closed guard with about three minutes left to go.

Finally, Clay worked herself into rubber guard and slid her shin beneath Grindatti’s chin. Grindatti tried to loosen Clay’s hold by slamming her onto the stage, but Clay held fast, and after a few more seconds of pressure, Grindatti tapped to Clay’s gogoplata.

The victory is the latest in a series of impressive wins from Clay, who most recently defeated Luiza Monteiro at F2W 147.


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