Who’s Number One Full Results: Garry Tonon Defeats Dante Leon In Action-Packed Main Event

Photo: Fight2Win/FloGrappling

Following an evening of exciting matches, Who’s Number One concluded with what may have been one of the most fast-paced, entertaining grappling matches of the year, this time between Garry Tonon and Dante Leon.

After a brief guard pull from Leon, the fighters returned to the feet, and Tonon then pulled guard. Following another return to the feet, Leon scooped up a single-leg, but couldn’t keep Tonon down. Though both competitors tried to capitalize on a creative scramble that saw them tumbling all over the match, neither was able to gain an advantageous position for a significant amount of time. After returning to the center of the mat, Leon briefly worked to pass Tonon’s guard before lifting him off the stage for a takedown attempt, but Tonon quickly recovered as Leon tried to take the back. Leon managed to secure an arm around Tonon’s chin, but Tonon escaped and nearly managed to take Leon’s back himself.

Following another fast-paced scramble, Tonon worked to attack Leon’s leg, though Leon was able to defend. Tonon then worked on passing Leon’s guard before the position was reversed and Tonon again worked on attacking the feet. Tonon twisted Leon to the ground and nearly managed to secure a rear naked choke, but Leon worked his way out.

Leon then worked on playing guard, then brought the match back to the feet with about three minutes left to go. The athletes quickened the pace, tumbling across the stage to try to gain positional advantages, and Tonon was nearly able to lock on a head-arm choke before Leon was able to work his way out. Tonon then went for a straight ankle lock that had his opponent wincing before Leon was able to get up to his feet and defend against it. As the final seconds of the match wound down, Leon also went for a foot lock briefly, and the two nearly grappled themselves off the stage as the clock ran out just in time.

Tonon was declared the winner via unanimous decision.

Full Results:

[wsc id=”141670″] Fighters Pay $51,330

-Black BeltsSubmission/Decision
Garry Lee Tonon defeats Dante LeonDecision
Roberto Abreu defeats Lucas BarbosaUnanimous decision
Vagner Rocha defeats Ronaldo JuniorSplit Decision
Elisabeth Clay Submits Maggie GrindattiGogoplata (SOTN)
Junny E Ocasio defeats Gabe TuttleDecision
Don Westman defeats Parker LappArmbar
Steve Hargett defeats Andrew FrancoDecision
Chris Orozoco Submits Brian PierceHeel Hook
André Porfírio Submits Hygor BeckDecision
Joseph Baize defeats Eddie WitternHeel Hook
Joe Dierkhising Submits Nicholas GreeneSubmission
Travis Moore defeats Seth DanielsHeel Hook
-Brown Belts
Brad Schneider Submits Nicholas SpacekRear Naked Choke from Crucifix (SOTN)
Joey Velasques defeats Dani AllenSplit Decision
Daniel Marc Calvert Submits James GiffordHeel Hook
Matt Cox defeats Michael WintersDecision
Stefanie Leigh Kopacz Submits Julia OttolinoHeel Hook
Justin Renick defeats Gerson AlefDecision
Michael Lugo defeats Jorge CastanedaDecision
William Watts Submits Christopher KuntschikTriangle
Manuel Aguilar Submits Brandon GutierrezStraight Foot Lock
-Purple Belts
Purple Belts
Cameron Mellott defeats Grayson Henley
Decision (Becomes Bantam Weight Champ)
Andrew Tackett Submits Dante MuschampRear Naked Choke (Becomes Welter Weight Champ)
William Zach Lowery Submits Jorden SaenzKesa Gatame
Jorge Valladares defeats Mike GravesDecision
Daishi Goto defeats Francisco PapasideroDecision
Steven Ramos defeats Alejandro WajnerDecision (FOTN)
David Weintraub vs Nicholas Fernando MartinezSplit Decision
Jacob Couch Submits Ramiro LeonHeel Hook (SOTN)
Lauren Sears defeats Jessie CraneSplit Decision
Mike Rakshan Submits Luke PerryLeg Lock
-Blue Belts
Brayden Wolfe defeats Noah GutierrezDecision
Stephanie Taylor Submits Britten Dey BaileyHeel Hook
James Regina defeats Cody DixonDecision
Taylor Clarke Submits Brittany BaizeArmbar (SOTN)
Nathan Segal defeats Lewis MclendonRear Naked Choke (FOTN)
Blake Anthony Carter Submits Zahariah O’MalleyRear Naked Choke
Helena Crevar Submits Mackenzie BiasiAmericana


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