Vinny Magalhaes, Josh Barnett, Gordon Ryan And Fabricio Werdum Set For 4 Man Combat Jiu Jitsu Super Tournament

Literal heavy hitters Josh Barnett and Vinny Magalhaes have been confirmed for the Combat Jiu-Jitsu Fight Night championship tournament in Monterry, Mexico. The event, slated for February 22, will also feature the combat BJJ debut of Gordon Ryan in a matchup against UFC veteran Fabricio Werdum.

Former UFC heavyweight champion “The Warmaster” Barnett steps into the CJJ ring following a winning streak overseas in catch-wrestling and an appearance at Quintet. Brazil’s Magalhaes is currently part of the Professional Fight League roster, most recently defeating Bozigit Ataev by flying triangle.

Combat jiu-jitsu is a marriage of grappling and open hand strikes. Palm strikes signifying places where more devastating elbows or punches could have been placed.


Vinny won’t be a part of the 4 man bracket as he never signed the contract for Combat JJ


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