This Non-Profit Academy Is Spreading The Benefits Of Martial Arts To Oakland Residents

The benefits of jiu-jitsu, boxing, and other martial arts are plentiful, but many people miss out on them because they can’t afford classes. Now, two former Twitter employees are changing that.┬áBen Kovacs and Joel Lunenfeld started the Guardian Gym to offer free martial arts classes to kids younger than 18 and discounted classes to adults, attempting to make these invaluable lessons more accessible to the Oakland, CA, community.

The Guardian Gym is a certified nonprofit organization. Check out the video below to see the impact it’s having on the community, and consider donating to the cause here.


  1. We’ve been offering “pay-what-you-want” classes (i.e. ostensibly free) for adults for well over a year now, in order to make bjj more accessible to the impoverished members of our community. You don’t need a non-profit and donations to do this.


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