Walt Harris Shares Words Of Love For Stepdaughter Aniah Blanchard In The Wake Of Her Death

Image Source: Walt Harris via Instagram

19-year-old Aniah Blanchard was declared dead yesterday in a tragic end to a month-long search for the missing teen. Three suspects are now in custody in connection with the case, which has become a homicide investigation.

Blanchard’s step-father, UFC fighter Walt Harris, has been pleading for help in his daughter’s case since she first disappeared, drawing international attention to the situation. After the news of Blanchard’s death broke, Harris shared a loving post of remembrance dedicated to his daughter:

My sweet baby girl… I just wanna thank you for helping me change my life for the better… For teaching me how to be a man and a better father! For being my biggest fan win, lose , or draw! For always knowing what to say to put a smile on my face and lift me up when I was down and wanted to give up. You light up my world I’m so many ways. This pain is unbearable… I know you want me to be strong but it so hard baby it so hard. I’m gonna find away I promise you I will. Right now nothing makes sense and I’m so lost. I just want you back. I hope I made you proud… I’m gonna keep going daddy just needs time. I love you so much. Look after us like you always did. We need you now more than ever. My lil mighty mighty tiger is a angel now. I love you baby girl forever and ever!”

With Blanchard’s heartbreaking fate now known, the investigation will focus on seeking justice for her disappearance and untimely death.


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