War Machine Found Guilty In 2014 Assault Of Christy Mack


Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver – better known by his legally-changed, not-so-subtle ring name, War Machine – has been found guilty of 29 of the 34 charges against him in the assault of his ex-girlfriend, adult film actress, Christy Mack.

Back in 2014, War Machine attacked Mack, leaving her with 10 broken bones, missing teeth, and a fractured rib, among other injuries.

On Monday, a court in Las Vegas found War Machine guilty of numerous accounts of sexual assault and battery. Despite the fact that he was not found guilty of all charges, Mack considered the verdict a victory for herself and victims of domestic violence everywhere.

Others joined in Mack’s celebration and poked fun at War Machine:

War Machine is scheduled to be sentenced on June 5 in Las Vegas. He is being held at the High Desert State Prison in Nevada. He could face life in prison.


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