Watch Gracie Breakdown on Diaz CHOKING OUT McGregor

I have been waiting for this Gracie Breakdown the second after Nate Diaz submitted Conor McGregor with the rear naked choke at UFC 196. In the video below, Rener Gracie and Brian Ortega broke down the grappling techniques by Miesha Tate and Nate Diaz to win their headlining fights at the event. If you want to watch and learn the details of the techniques used at UFC 196, then you definitely need to watch this video. Watch the full Gracie Breakdown below.


  1. Does anyone ever care about Rener now? He’s a marketing guy, who is non-confrontational. It’s all about money for them.

    Also, the change from psychical stage to a blatant Green Screen is laughable, as a video editor.

    The attitude is so passive aggressive and sad. That ends up coming delusional. This ends up becoming cult-like.

    P.S. Conveniently, they ignore Ortega’s drug test failure


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