Watch: It is Good to Know Grappling If You Are Going to Pull Online Pranks

There has been a rise in YouTube pranksters looking to become “online famous” by recording pranks and stunts on unsuspecting and unwilling participants. In the video below, Twinz TV set a “bait bicycle” prank where the producers leave a nice bicycle unattended in a public park to attract potential thieves. What the thieves don’t realize is that the bicycle is tethered with a rope to a tree or pole resulting in the thieves wiping out on the bicycle. Occasionally, one of the producers/participants will come running after the bike thief to get the thief to pedal off more quickly resulting in a much more violent tumble off the bike once the rope if fully extended. In the scenario below, one thief angrily attacked the producer, without realizing the producer had some grappling skills. Check out the video below.


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