Watch Ricardo Almeida Thank Carlos Gracie Jr for 30 Years of Gracie Barra

Ricardo Almeida has been one of the top MMA and BJJ competitors in the world over the 20 years. Almeida, who has competed in UFC, Pancrease, IBJJF, and ADCC competitions, shot the video below to thank Carlos Gracie Jr. for 30 years of Gracie Barra and talk about how training in BJJ has positively impacted his life. His lineage is under both Gracie Barra and Renzo Gracie and he and his brother Flavio are in the process of opening a number of academies in Arizona under the Gracie Barra banner. In addition to a successful career as a BJJ and MMA fighter, Almeida runs two successful academies in New Jersey, trains numerous high level MMA fighters including former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, Edson Barboza, and Eddie Alvarez.


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