Zach Morris and AC Slater Are BJJ Training Partners in Real Life

Some of y’all are too young to remember, but back in the days of the O.G. President Bush, the debut of Terminator 2, and all 16-bits of the Super NES there was a fictional high school known to latchkey couch potatoes as Bayside High. Bayside was home to a preppy slacker named Zach Morris, and his frenemy from the school wrestling team, AC Slater.

Slater was a real killer on the mats.

Nearly three decades after the 1989 debut of fantastically bad teen sitcom Saved By The Bell, Zach and AC–aka actors Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez, now full grown–took to the ‘gram to post sweaty post-roll photos together. And Mario’s blue belt is looking a little periwinkle these days, so the performer turned Extra TV personality must be putting in a respectable amount of mat time.

Yeah, yeah, we know: “Who cares rabblerabble?” And, “No one wants to hear about actors who do jiu-jitsu!” (Sidebar: Metrics say either a whole lot of people actually do care about actors who do jiu-jitsu, or ONE guy who has the free time to refresh a page several thousand times in a day cares about actors who do jiu-jitsu. Let us know which one it is.)

The answer? OUR INNER CHILD CARES about these two growing up to be part of the extended mat rat family. (Also a fair number of your female teammates.) You’ll understand when you’re older.

Cheers, guys. We’re happy to see you could squash the old beef and improve Zach’s crap ground game in the process.


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