Should White Belts Do Footlocks? Yes, Absolutely!

CC0 Creative Commons/Pixabay

Should white belts do footlocks?

According to Coach Tom Davey from The Grappling Academy, absolutely!

Tom is a huge footlock advocate, and he thinks purple belt and brown belt is too late to start going for people’s legs.

That’s not to say you’ll walk into his academy and see white belts heel hooking everyone. He thinks the straight ankle lock is all white belts need.

But if you’re rolling with a white belt in his academy, you had better be prepared to defend your lower limbs.

Tom has heard all of the arguments against footlocks before. He knows that some gyms don’t teach them to white belts because of safety concerns and the way they discourage white belts from passing the guard.

But he has answers for both of these complaints.

Check out the video below to hear why Coach Tom Davey supports white belts doing footlocks.


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