What We Wish Adults Knew: The Kids POV

So I’ve been thinking, and watching kids as they perform various activities such as marching band, track and field, baseball and, of course, Jiujitsu. As a parent and a coach I’m able to see points of view from a different standpoint. However, the viewpoint has been that of an adult, parent, coach! I’ve neglected to take the viewpoint of the kids on the field (I try, but my mindset is different as is any other adult’s). I’ve always been one to strive to intertwine fun and learning. I decided to ask the kids what they think, and they didn’t hold back!

Without further adiue here’s what the mini-prodigies have to say:

1. I’m a kid. JUST. A. KID!!!

2. I forget things sometimes, sometimes I’m distracted.

3. When you’re loud I think you’re mad, even if you aren’t.

4. The kids I practice with are my friends. Please don’t embarrass me in front of my friends (eye roll inserted here- yes, she gave a HUGE eye roll).

5. I need to be shown things. Explaining and lots of talking makes me bored.

6. I get scared about competing and sometimes even practice. Maybe I won’t do good or will make a mistake.

7. I don’t mind trying new sports, but if I try it and I’m not interested please please don’t make me stay in it!!!

8. Sometimes I’m tired, sometimes I’m hungry, sometimes I just need a break.

9. School is stressful! Can I relax for a second?!

10. Boys have cooties.

11. I forgot my answer. Can you come back to me (I did, 3 times- lol! Kids!)

12. I want to make you proud. I want to be happy about what I’m doing. I want to cheer for my friends.

13. Please don’t argue with the coaches, other parents or refs! Omg! So embarrassing!

14. I like that I have all my friends together to train. Sometimes I don’t have a lot of friends at school and that makes me sad, a little bit.

15. I don’t like sweaty. It’s gross and smelly.

16. I wish everyone would remember we like to have fun. We like to do new things. And not to be upset with us a lot.

17. I love you!

Haha! So there you have it! Words of wisdom from our littlest members of the Jiujitsu/ sports community. They’re here like the rest of us sweating, having fun, pushing themselves. Remember that discipline and structure mixed with fun and caring go a long way. Maybe have a sit down with your students- it’s extremely entertaining and informational!!

Happy Rolling!


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