WNO Championship: Rafaela Guedes Submits Kendall Reusing, Wins Heavyweight Title

The second heavyweight championship of the night at the Who’s Number One Championship saw a wrestling-heavy match between Atos athlete Rafaela Guedes and Gracie Barra’s Kendall Reusing.

Both competitors went in hard, Guedes using kicks to try to get Reusing down. The competitors went to the ground, and Guedes quickly moved to attack a kneebar. Reusing pulled her leg out of danger and tried to get to the back, then using a knee-cut pass to try to get past Guedes’ challenging guard. Guedes went for another leg lock, but Reusing countered by attacking a leg herself. The competitors wrestled to their feet, and as Guedes went to take Reusing down again, it was the latter who came out on top in half-guard, applying heavy pressure to her opponent with a cross-face. Guedes created space and tried to control Reusing from a distance.

The competitors returned to their feet after six minutes, and Guedes shot in for a takedown. Reusing countered, but it was Guedes who ended up with control. However, the athletes had tumbled out of bounds by that time, and they were reset in the middle from standing. Another shot from Guedes got Reusing down to the mats, and Reusing wrapped her up in closed guard. Guedes worked to open the guard, smothering Reusing with her hand, while Reusing sought every opportunity to attack. Reusing’s guard opened, and Guedes slipped in an arm-in guillotine. Reusing soon escaped and ended up in Guedes’ closed guard. After Guedes’ guard opened, she again sought out a heel hook, which Reusing escaped from.

Back on her feet, Reusing resumed trying to pass Guedes’ guard. Guedes tried to attack an arm, and Reusing countered with a toehold. Neither was able to finish the submission, and Reusing ended up in Guedes’ closed guard again. After breaking Guedes’ guard open, Reusing again tried to pass, and she and Guedes soon ended up in a brief, but ultimately fruitless leg lock exchange. Reusing applied a body lock to try to pass, Guedes wrapping an arm around her neck. Reusing’s weight shifted forward, and though it initially looked like she’d come out on top, Guedes worked her way beneath her opponent to lock in the guillotine choke, sweeping Reusing to get to mount and finish the submission at eighteen minutes and fifty-five seconds into the match.


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