WNO Championship: Tim Spriggs Submits Kaynan Duarte To Win Heavyweight Final

Another big upset took place at the Who’s Number One Championship tonight, this time in the very first match of the evening.

In the heavyweight final, fan-favorite and number-one-ranked Kaynan Duarte went up against unranked athlete Tim Spriggs after both made their way through the bracket yesterday.

The athletes stayed on their feet to wrestle for a little over a minute before Duarte pulled guard into single-leg X. Spriggs tried to pressure down and disentangle himself from his opponent’s legs. Duarte was persistent, though, and managed to lock onto a heel hook and work to transition to a calf-slicer. For a moment, it looked like Spriggs was in danger, but he then escaped and got back to his feet, where Duarte again pulled guard. Spriggs worked on a knee-cut pass, ultimately stepping away. Duarte returned to his feet momentarily before sitting guard again, keeping his opponent at bay with a shin shield in half-guard.

Then, Spriggs sat back for a leg lock. Duarte tried to counter with a leg lock of his own, but Spriggs locked in a heel hook. Duarte was unable to roll out of danger and was forced to tap at seven minutes and 21 seconds into the match.


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