WNO: Gordon Ryan Vs. Felipe Pena Official For August 7th In Dallas, TX

After all the back-and-forth, a rematch is booked and the contracts are signed for Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena to face off in a sub-only, no-time limit match at Who’s Number One in Dallas, Texas on August 7.

This match will be the trilogy, as Pena has defeated Ryan twice in the past. Their first battle lasted for 45-minutes before Pena was able to capture a submission victory, and he still remains the only person to submit Ryan in competition as a black belt.

FloGrappling broke the news with a post to Instagram, with Gordon Ryan signing the contract and showing enthusiasm for the match while throwing a bit of heat at Pena,

Pena responded with his own post, “Gordon, my chubby baby, I’m coming for you.”, igniting another round of trash-talk tennis between the two,

Originally, the two were originally in talks to have their match in Italy and were talking of having it in a small gym. Of course, that was unlikely, and the match will instead take place under the bright lights in Dallas, Texas.

It seems that the 10:1 bet between the two is still in effect, with Pena betting $10K to Gordon Ryan’s $100K.

It all goes down at Who’s Number One in Dallas, Texas on August 7th. The event can be streamed on Flograppling.com


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