WNO: Mikey Musumeci Makes No-Gi Comeback, Submits Marcelo Cohen

Mikey Musumeci had his first no-gi BJJ match since 2016 tonight at Who’s Number One: Gordon Ryan vs. Vagner Rocha, and he made his return in spectacular fashion in a highly technical match against Marcelo Cohen.

Musumeci immediately sat guard, locking up Cohen between his legs briefly before Cohen got out and tried to get past his opponent’s legs. Cohen briefly tried to attack a leg before returning to guard passing attempts. Musumeci then wrapped up one of Cohen’s ankles before abandoning the attack and coming up on top, getting a slick guard pass into mount. Cohen managed to trap one of Musumeci’s feet as Musumeci kept heavy pressure on his opponent.

Musumeci then transitioned to side control, then back to quarter-guard, then mount, moving to each position as he saw fit for minutes on end. Finally, with about seven minutes left, Musumeci moved up Cohen’s torso to put on a mounted triangle, Cohen rolled up to his knees, and it was a mere moment before he tapped.

Mikey Musumeci was declared the winner with a triangle-armbar.


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