WNO: Rafaela Guedes Submits Maggie Grindatti

2020 Pans and No-Gi Pans Champion Rafaela Guedes had an exciting match with Maggie Grindatti on the main card of Who’s Number One: Gordon Ryan vs. Vagner Rocha. Though Grindatti displayed impressive defense throughout the match, Guedes’ relentless offense ultimately led to a satisfying finish before time ran out.

The athletes began with wrestling on the feet, with Guedes coming in with a strong headlock and then a footsweep attempt. They were then reset after Guedes drove forward and pushed Grindatti out of bounds, after which they continued to wrestle for control on the feet. With thirteen minutes left, Guedes succeeded in getting Grindatti to the mat, almost managing to take the back. Grindatti defended against the back take and ended up inside Guedes’ guard. Guedes opened her guard for an armbar attempt, and Grindatti used the opportunity to escape danger and bring the match back to the feet.

Guedes drove forward again and twice forced a reset as the competitors went out of bounds. Guedes then snatched up a single-leg and brought Grindatti to the ground again, forcing her to turtle up as Guedes worked in a headlock with heavy pressure. Guedes moved to the back and sunk in a hook, getting an arm around Grindatti’s neck for a rear naked choke. For a moment, it looked like the match would end there, but Grindatti made an impressive escape.

With Grindatti now on top, Guedes used her frames to maintain space and work back to closed guard. She then moved her legs up her opponent’s back to attempt an armbar, trying again after Grindatti defended. Grindatti, however, was prepared. She escaped the second attempt and worked for a knee cut pass, but Guedes created space and worked her way back to closed guard, quickly transitioning to the back and securing a body triangle. Grindatti pushed away Guedes’ hands as Guedes tried to smother her, and though Grindatti did a good job defending, Guedes soon managed to sink her arm in for a rear naked choke and quickly get the tap with three and a half minutes left to go.

Rafaela Guedes was declared the winner via rear naked choke.


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