Wounded Marine Needs Help Paying For BJJ Gym

A wounded marine who fought in the War on Terror needs the BJJ’s community’s help to pay for his gym.

Kirby Ziesmer is a welder who uses BJJ to help him physically and emotionally with his war injuries. However, after a few years of training, there were no longer any classes at his gym.

With no other schools close enough for him to get to, Ziesmer had two choices: stop training or start his own gym.

Thanks to the suggestions of friends and coworkers, Kirby opted for the latter. But now he is having trouble not only paying all the expenses that come with gym ownership, but offering free tuition for veterans like himself. Ziesmer also wants to give women self-defense classes.

Kirby Ziesmer’s friend and co-worker Benjamin Coover reached out to the Jiu-Jitsu Times for help.

If you’re interested in helping a marine not only continue the training that brought him relief, but will bring that same knowledge and relief to other veterans, check out his Gofundme page here.


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