Xande Ribeiro Vs. Vagner Rocha Ends In Draw At BJJ Bet

One of the big main card matches at BJJ Bet ended in a draw after a near-victory in the last seconds of golden-score overtime.

Xande Ribeiro returned to competition for the second time in 2020, taking on Vagner Rocha in a match that was close from start to finish.

Ribeiro started the match by going for a single-leg, which Rocha defended. Ribeiro then pulled guard, and Rocha pressured forward and used his trademark aggression, putting a hand to his opponent’s throat to try to push him to make a mistake, but Ribeiro was unfazed and protected himself with his knee shield. Ribeiro briefly tried to hook Rocha’s leg, but Rocha was able to come back on top and try to pass. He momentarily got past Ribeiro’s legs, but Ribeiro was able to recover his guard. Rocha continued to pressure forward, pulling on Ribeiro’s head as he worked to pass. With two minutes left in regulation, Ribeiro again tried to collect one of Rocha’s legs, trying to push forward and reverse the position. As Rocha defended, the competitors ended up on their feet again, hand-fighting until Ribeiro once again resumed playing guard until time ran out.

Overtime, which featured a “golden score” rule, saw a more aggressive Rocha as the competitors once again battled on their feet. Ribeiro pulled guard again, but the referee beckoned him to return to standing. Both competitors, though clearly tired, were smiling at each other, enjoying their time on the stage. Ribeiro shot for a takedown, but Rocha defended and gave Ribeiro a few shoves to the shoulders. Rocha tried to trip Ribeiro, and as Ribeiro defended, he fell off the stage with about a minute left to go in overtime. Rocha shot to get Ribeiro’s back and got a hook in during the final seconds. Ribeiro fought to keep Rocha’s other hook away while defending a choke attempt, and though it was close, time ran out before Rocha could capitalize on the position.

The match ended with no submission and no points on the board, resulting in a draw.


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