Leandro Lo Vs. Nicholas Meregali Ends In Draw At BJJ Bet

Following a no-gi match between Xande Ribeiro and Vagner Rocha, an exciting gi match between Leandro Lo and Nicholas Meregali ultimately ended in a draw at BJJ Bet today.

The match began with Meregali pulling guard, securing a collar grip and seamlessly alternating between spider and lasso guards. Lo stayed low while Meregali tried to control the distance between the two, nearly sweeping Lo in the process. Meregali overhooked one of Lo’s legs and tried to off-balance him. Lo countered by nearly passing Meregali’s guard, but Meregali capitalized on the movement and caught a leg, nearly taking Lo’s back before they went out of bounds and were reset in a neutral position on the feet.

Meregali pulled guard again and tried to control Lo, but Lo was able to disengage before coming back in and trying to pass. As the final minute of the match began, Lo turned up the speed, nearly managing to pass before Meregali recovered half-guard. The match again returned to the feet, and Meregali again pulled guard and threw up a triangle in the last few seconds, though he was unable to finish before regulation ran out.

Five-minute golden-score overtime began with Meregali again pulling guard, then trapping Lo in closed guard for some time before opening it with about two minutes left. Lo became faster and more aggressive with his passing attempts. Meregali caught him in half-guard, and Lo nearly managed to pass, but then, Meregali recovered closed guard. Meregali wound one of Lo’s lapel’s around his foot, going for a triangle and finishing overtime with Lo in an omoplata.

With no points or submissions achieved in the match, the result was declared a draw.


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