Yuri Simoes Says It’s Unacceptable For Mack Beggs To Wrestle In Girls’ Division

ADCC Champion and multiple-time IBJJF Champion Yuri Simoes does not like the idea of transgender wrestler Mack Beggs wrestling girls.

In a Facebook post from a few days ago, Simoes opined:

I can respect someone’s personal sex preference or if they wanna turn themselves, into whatever they wanna look like, but going in and wrestling a bunch of girls when your body is producing male hormones and when you got the muscle fibers that a girl won’t ever develop in a lifetime is just unacceptable. This is MY OPINION

Mack Beggs was born female, but has been transitioning into a male.

Interestingly, Beggs would probably agree with Simoes…to a point. Mack has stated that he wants to fight in the men’s division, but Texas public high school athletes are required to compete in divisions of their birth gender.

If Simoes doesn’t want boys wrestling girls, he might want to get in touch with the Texas public school system.

AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THAT THIS IS RIDICULOUS? This is becoming normal in sports nowadays and it's unfair in so…

Posted by Yuri Simões on Monday, February 26, 2018


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