10-Year Old Jiu-Jitsu Boy Defeats Three Bullies

When you think of tough jiu-jitsu practitioners, who comes to mind? Romulo Barral, Andre Galvao, and Mackenzie Dern probably.

But few people think of 10-year-old, Hunter.

However, after hearing about how the elementary school student defeated three bullies, you’ll probably remember this kid’s name for a long time.

Check out the video below from Gracie University to see how this brave boy put three bullies in their place:

TALK, TELL, TACKLE against THREE Bullies! (Except he skipped the "Tell" step!) Hunter is a great kid and we couldn't be more proud that he stood up for himself. Congratulations to Zac Cunningham on his amazing work with Hunter and all the other kids at Gracie University HQ! Every child should learn jiu-jitsu, find a Certified Training Center at GracieUniversity.com!

Posted by Gracie University on Thursday, October 19, 2017


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