10 Years Old Little Girl Beating Up Boys With Rubber Guard

The universal appeal of fight sports cannot be denied. In this video, we see a 10 years old little girl beating up boys with rubber guard. This proves the old adage that in a fight, any size and strength difference can be surmounted with the right technique.

Martial arts and other fight disciplines can be beneficial in teaching children the value of hard work, restraint, and self-control. It can give them the confidence and self-reliance they need to face life head-on. Early in their lives, young children exposed to martial arts recognize the importance of diligent training and the value of competition.

As fight sports progress, people can finally recognize that the age-old taunt “hits like a girl” may no longer be relevant. Girls exposed early on to the discipline and training of martial arts could very well be on their way towards becoming women’s world champions in the future.



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