17 Years Old Blue Belt Submits Black Belt In Seconds

Lucas Pinheiro (Gracie Gym) vs. Lee Crosley (Alvarez BJJ)


  1. oh yah PS Lucas Pinherio has a pinched back nerve (has been told by doctor not to roll at all btw) and at the time his ankle had a bone misplaced, hence why he was tapped by attacking that foot(in both videos). and for those spanish-speakers, you can hear the father teling the son to attack the foot in the video. the news is always inaccurate and never tells the full story. Lucas is doing better now, escaped back surgery and is getting new injections, and his foot was fixed by a chiropractor. Maybe the title should be Blue Belt taps out Injured World Champion Black Belt Who Shouldn’t Be Rolling Bc He Could Be Paralyzed? Give the full story next time pls 🙂

  2. I get he is injured. I get that he was not 100%. He entered and lost and that is the bottom line. No excuse should be made. Making an excuse diminishes what this blue belt accomplished. Why not just congratulate him and move on. I think the title should be ” He fought, he lost, and his injuries didn’t matter. I am glad he is doing better that is good to hear. But you claiming he is injured and making excuses for losing in a very public forum is disgusting.


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