3 Reasons Shoyoroll Became so Popular

In recent years we have had more and more options when it comes to what kind of gi’s we buy. Now a days there’s a niche for almost everything with the BJJ community. With so many options and very competitive market a few companies still manage to stay on top of the game in both sales and reputation.  The most popular being, of course, Shoyoroll. First, let me say that I have never owned a shoyoroll, but I have noticed a few trends they used and reasons for why they remain on top of the Gi game. So why is Shoyoroll such a BJJ power house? Here are the top reasons why everyone seems to loves shoyoroll.

  • They Were Pioneers- When Shoyoroll started gis were just kind of plain. They were mostly all white with very little patching or symbols. Shoyoroll was one of the first to popularize colored gis, contrast stitching and unique embroidered logos.
  • Beauty and Simplicity– Shoyoroll , while creating a lot of different and new styles, in general, doesn’t usually do anything to over the top. They don’t do crazy overly designed gis with inside rash guards and skulls and stuff. They use simple, but detailed themes to capture the market.
  • They Started The Limited Market– While a few companies have since fallowed this method; Shoyoroll started the limited release market. By limiting the amount of gis you make in each production, you create a situation where you have to be dedicated to get your hands on one of these gis, otherwise you might miss out. This also ensures they are not left with too much overstock, and can keep their prices reasonably high on every release.



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