3 Reasons To Drink More Water

Photo/Youtube: equinox

Guess what? You aren’t drinking enough water! This statement is probably true for about 80% of the population so if you are part of the other 20% good job. In Jiu Jitsu we can reap a lot of benefits by drinking about a gallon of water every day. The easiest way to ensure you drink a gallon a day is by just carrying a gallon jug around with you. This way you always have a visual reminder of where you are at for the day.  Here are just a few reasons Jiu Jitsu practitioners should be drinking a gallon a day!

  • In BJJ we sweat a lot! Drinking water is important to prevent dehydration during training. This can cause many things such as quicker exhaustion, sore muscles and can even make you more likely to be injured. There are also considerable health risks in general for dehydration.
  • Drinking A Gallon of Water per/day can help with losing weight for BJJ competition. If your body is use to massive water intake and you cut that off a few days before you compete your body takes a few days to adjust your metabolism of water and thus it is quite easy to lose over 5lbs by simply stopping the proses
  • Drinking a gallon of water per day also leads to better overall health which helps with our Jiu-Jitsu Performance. One of these benefits is it reduces the urge to over snack and over eat in general. A lot of the time when we feel hungry we are actually just dehydrated and our body send us a signal to start eating or drinking which we usually interoperate as “I am hungry”. This will reduce weight gain and actually help us lose weight or build muscle when we eat right. Tied to this is the idea that it helps with digestion and causes our metabolism to slightly increase.


These 3 benefits are worth it alone, but there are many more benefits to getting enough water every day. How much water did you drink today?



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