After 3 Years Joey Diaz Earned His Blue Belt

Joey Diaz is a stand up comic of Cuban/American descent. He is also an actor, famous for his regular part on the television program ‘My Name is Earl’ – where he plays a character called Joey. In addition, he has starred in films like ‘Taxi’ and ‘The Longest Yard’.

He has known Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan for a long time, and has studied BJJ under different instructors – including Alberto Crane and Jean Jacques Machado.

Recently, Diaz was awarded his BJJ blue belt by Alberto Crane. A video of him running the gauntlet to accept his belt has been posted online.

The JiuJitsutimes has also posted a podcast online, where Diaz speaks about how he got to know Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan. He goes on to explain why he began training in BJJ, and how it transformed his life.



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