3CG Open Will Give Big Winners Spot On Major Card, Plus $500

Third Coast Grappling Championship / Irull Fotos

After a Kumite run that saw seven champions take home $10,000 each, 3rd Coast Grappling has taken a short amount of time to rest and regroup before their next major event on December 19. Don’t take that to mean we won’t be seeing any more 3CG action until then, though. In addition to their 3CG Kids III event on November 14, the promotion will also be hosting the 3CG Fall Open. And if you can pull off a win there, you could be headed to the main stage alongside some of jiu-jitsu’s biggest stars.

In addition to providing another opportunity for jiu-jitu athletes to compete, the 3CG Open will also be a way for local grapplers to prove themselves, which could lead to chances to compete in big 3CG events later on. In fact, four competitors from this year’s Fall Open will immediately earn the opportunity to compete on a major 3CG card of their choice.

3CG promotor Ryan McGuire told the Jiu-Jitsu Times that four brackets will lead to four victors earning a spot on a future 3CG card, plus a cool $500 to take home. Two of the brackets (one male and one female) will be open weight in the gi (blue to brown belt). The other two, also with one male and one female division, will be an open-weight, open-belt no-gi tournament. The male and female winners of the brackets will earn the coveted rewards.

The 3CG stage will host the brackets, and the division finals and the absolute tournaments will stream live and for free on YouTube, providing great exposure for athletes who want to get the attention and exposure they deserve.

The 3rd Coast Grappling Fall Open will take place on October 31 (adult divisions) and November 1 (kids, teens, and master divisions). You can register for the event and learn more here.


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