3rd Coast Grappling Announces “Grapple Royale” To Debut Mid-March

Not long after announcing their visit to the UK, 3rd Coast Grappling has now shared that they’ll be introducing another experimental grappling endeavor to their calendar this year.

The promotion has announced that they’ll be holding a “3CG Grapple Royale” in mid-March. As the name implies, the event will be a “last man standing” format, with ten grapplers (all blue belts for this edition) drawing numbers randomly to decide who goes in when. Numbers one and two will be the first in, and every minute, the timer will go off and another competitor will enter. Athletes who tap out will depart the mats, and the ultra-match will rage until there’s just one competitor left unsubmitted.

If the idea sounds chaotic, well, you wouldn’t be the first to think so. But it’s a creative, if not risky step foward for the promotion. “This is just another idea from me that came up a couple of weeks ago that I decide to pull the trigger on and see how it goes,” said promotor Ryan McGuire. “We plan to continue to innovate, garner attention from crossover fans, and continue to provide a great live experience for our spectators.”

The 3CG Grapple Royale will stream live on FloGrappling on March 14.


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