3rd Coast Grappling Introduces Couples’ Tag Team Match, Opens Possibility For Male Vs. Female BJJ Matches

Image Source: Pixabay

3rd Coast Grappling has been trying to switch things up in the grappling world since they burst onto the scene at the beginning of this year, and now, they’re planning on doing it again with a unique tag-team match at their December 7 event this year.

The tag-team match will consist of two couples, both made up of a male brown belt and female blue belt. The match will be seven minutes long, and the first team to three taps will be declared the winner. Should the grapplers be forced into overtime, the 3CG rules that apply to all other matches will also apply here.

The rules for the match are as follows, per 3CG promotor Ryan McGuire:

● Should a competitor initiate a tag, they must do so by touching their teammate’s hand or foot to allow the teammate to leave the cage wall and engage in the action. At the point of tagging, the competitor who initiated it has 3 seconds to disengage from the match and then they must immediately place themselves back between their color corner barriers on the cage wall until tagged back in.

● In the event of a verbal or physical tap, the competitor who was subbed immediately switches out with their teammate. At this point, the competitor who got the submission has the choice to switch with their teammate but it is not required.

● When switching with a teammate occurs after a submission, the competitors are expected to immediately engage. No standing up or center cage neutral positioning will happen aside from the start of the match.

● Tagging of a teammate can happen at any time during the tag team match, including when a competitor is involved in a submission attempt.

● In the event that a competitor does not tap and goes out from a submission, he/she can no longer compete in the match. The teammate of that competitor can decide at that moment if they would like to continue or forfeit to the opposing team.

The ruleset deliberately introduces a few interesting twists. First of all, the three-second rule allows the potential for two competitors on the same team to gang up on one grappler until those few seconds are up. It may not seem like much, but it could be just enough time to deliver that extra bit of strength to break a submission-defending grip or provide a distraction that could throw one opponent off their game.

The fact that the match will involve two couples also opens up the possibility for male vs. female battles on the mats — something that is still highly uncommon in competitive grappling today. While there is an expected size difference between the men and women in the match, it’s not nearly as drastic as it could be. One couple is comprised of Steven Baca (160lbs) and Mackenzie Manteris (135lbs), while the other consists of Robert Ezzell (170lbs) and Stephanie Trevino (135lbs). Strategy, teamwork, and great communication will be what determines the winning duo for a unique match like this.

Check out the unique tag-team match, plus many more matches when 3CG III streams live on FloGrappling on December 7!


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