3rd Coast Grappling Kumite IV FULL RESULTS — Cyborg Defeats Fellipe Andrew To Win $10,000

3rd Coast Grappling: Kumite IV has concluded, capping off its fourth impressive event with a pair of matches worthy of the finals.

In the main superfight of the evening, Gordon Ryan took on Brian Marvin in a ten-minute exhibition match to raise money for the We Defy Foundation.

Ryan immediately pulled guard at the start of the ten-minute match, soon coming up to pass Marvin’s guard instead. Marvin came up and got his leg caught in Ryan’s quarter-guard before both competitors disengaged, with Ryan resuming playing open guard. Marvin worked on collecting Ryan’s back, going for an armbar that Ryan quickly escaped. Ryan then took the top position, and both athletes fell back and teased leg locks before Ryan once again came back on top. Ryan then worked Marvin into a body triangle before letting Marvin out. Marvin worked past Ryan’s guard, but Ryan was able to come on top and work for an armbar from the back. Marvin came up on top and briefly sat back for a leg lock, but Ryan once again took the top position, with Marvin fighting from the bottom in half-guard. Ryan shimmied to mount and isolated Marvin’s head and arm, rolling up to his back before transitioning to the top position. With fifteen seconds left, Ryan took Marvin’s back, sunk in the rear naked choke, and finished the match with three seconds left to go.

In the final match of the absolute Kumite bracket, Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu took on Fellipe Andrew.

Andrew started the match by pulling guard, but Cyborg quickly got past his legs. As Cyborg moved around, he was nearly able to take Andrew’s back, but Andrew managed to roll out and avoid it. As Andrew resumed playing open guard, Cyborg came down from on top and secured a guillotine choke. Although Andrew stood and attempted to defend, it wasn’t enough, and Cyborg was able to get the tap just a couple minutes into the match.

Cyborg was declared the winner and will go home with the $10,000 prize and the title of Kumite IV champion.

– 3CG Kumite Bracket:
Roberto Jimenez defeats Nick Rodriguez via ref dec
Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu defeats Arnaldo Maidana via Points (OT)
Fellipe Andrew Submits Lucas Barbosa via Triangle
Gabriel Almeida defeats Guilherme Augusto via ref dec
– Semi Finals
Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu defeats Roberto Jimenez via ref dec
Fellipe Andrew Submits Gabriel Almeida via Heelhook
– Finals
Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu Submits Fellipe Andrew via Guillotine
Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu / Photo: Third Coast Grappling
– Exhibition Charity Match
Gordon Ryan defeats Brian Marvin via RNC
Photo: Third Coast Grappling

– Super Fight Results:
Desmond Rubio defeats Tyler Ard via Points (OT)
Camila Lopez defeats Sarah Torregrossa via Points (OT)
Arlyn Arndt defeats Hector Cuevas via Points (OT)
Jose Ruiz defeats JT Little via Points (OT)
Victor Seabra Wins Over Dakota Hope-Lewis via DQ
Josh Walker defeats Yadier Del Valle via Points (OT)
Mona Bailey defeats Natalia Santoro via Points (14)
Photo: Third Coast Grappling

– Kids Grappling Royale
Zane Mangan (winner)
Brody Banks
Jose Aguilar
Emilio Cantu
Sun-Yoon Karas
Emmett Morgan
Marcus Salgado
Athen Almarax
Andrew Ji
Zane Mangan – Photo: Third Coast Grappling


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