4 Great Rolls With Marcelo Garcia

Marcelo Garcia has been called the greatest pound-for-pound jiujiteiro ever. With multiple ADCC and World Championships titles and notable victories in the absolute category against much heavier black belts, it is difficult to argue otherwise.

One of the unique things about Marcelo (MG) is that he often records his rolls and shares them on YouTube for the BJJ world to see and analyze.

Check out these four rolls and see what you can pick up from the incredible Marcelo Garcia.

Marcelo Vs Keenan

MG matches his unique game against one of the most innovative guard players in the world.

Marcelo Garcia and Demian Maia

Maia is widely considered the best BJJ guy in MMA and MG exchanges some positions with him.


Marcelo Garcia and Rafael Lovato Jr Rolling

Check out the grip fighting battle between MG and the most successful American BJJ competitor, Rafael Lovato Jr.

Marcelo Garcia rolling with Ryan Hall

This is an incredible display of “flow rolling,” where there is a minimal use of force and the emphasis is all about movement and creative transitions.

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