4 Wrestling Techniques Bjj Guys Should Know

Want to gain an edge over your Brazilian jiu-jitsu training partners the next time you roll? Spend some time learning and drilling these basic wrestling techniques.

The rules are different in wrestling than in BJJ, but in terms of controlling another human body without the gi, wrestling is the best. You will start winning a lot more scrambles and your body control over your opponents will dramatically improve.

Try these out:

The Sit Out
Being caught in the bottom of a turtle after a failed double leg takedown attempt is a bad position if the opponent controls your head. The wrestling sitout provides the solution to turn the tables in the match.

You have to know how to deal with your opponent’s strong underhook (from half guard for example). The whizzer (not wizard!) allows you to apply leverage to counter the underhook.

Snap Down
Any time your opponent puts their head low, you can take advantage of them and perform a snap down to front headlock. You can then go to the guillotine, anaconda, or you can go behind them.

Arm Drag
This video demonstrates how the arm drag creates the opening for a single leg takedown. If you don’t have much time to train takedowns, drilling this one will go a long way to getting you started.

* Bonus : Kurt Osiander shows how we can use the arm drag from the butterfly guard in BJJ

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