4 Ways Jiu-Jitsu Benefits You Off The Mats

Sandra has fallen in love with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Most people start out in jiu-jitsu expecting to learn self-defense and get into shape. Over time, practitioners come to realize jiu-itsu enhances every area of their life. Every lesson will have a direct correlation and connection to every situation in your life. Each practice you dive into physical training that stimulates the brain as much as the body. This creates a euphoria and thirst for knowledge the brain craves. These sensations slow as we age and as our high energy, activity level drops off and stalls. Jiu-jitsu is a tool to keep you feeling young, alive, and excited for life!

The physical training, mental training, and concepts become a part of your habit, subconsciously. You become jiu-jitsu. This is why everybody is smiling at jiu-jitsu.

Here are four things Brazilian jiu-jitsu will teach you that will benefit your life off of the mats.


Every successful jiu-jitsu practitioner has this important quality mastered. They have no choice but to become patient. Countless hours on the mat, in tough spots and precarious predicaments force this attribute.

You come to realize, if you want to progress, you must become patient. The consistent practice of patience on the mat bleeds over into the rest of your life.

The training and lessons pass through your mind as you wait in line at the DMV, as your child’s behavior tests you, or as you wait for opportunities and openings in the workforce. Sometimes you have to wait for the opening to occur or for the onslaught to pass before you can be successful.

Problem Solving

If you can escape from the full mount while someone is trying to arm lock you, you have mastered problem solving.

How many situations require problem solving? Not just problem solving, but being able to solve a crisis under pressure. Everyone has this skill, just some better than others.

Being able to focus, analyze, and interpret problems could save your life. It could improve your life. It will make things a lot easier. Jiu-jitsu gives you the guidance and the map to bring you in the right direction.

​When you have to focus on class instruction, thoroughly search for details, and pay attention to the small things, you become problem proof. Again, you can’t be successful at jiu-jitsu or anything for that matter without focusing on every little detail and looking for every possible way to find the solution.


The great Royce Gracie taught a seminar at The Eddie Fyvie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Malta, New York. After the seminar he gave an insightful Q&A. He explained that discipline was the number one lesson his father, Helio Gracie, passed down to him.

We could all use more discipline in our lives: more discipline to eat better, sleep better, shed unwanted pounds, and so much more. The fact is we need motivation to do these things.

Jiu-jitsu is that motivation. It is a stimulating activity that creates a burning desire to become your best. The only way to accomplish that is to curb all of your vices and destroy undisciplined habits.

It is amazing to see people change their ways as they move through the ranks. They don’t realize they are doing it. They have the intuition to change habits as they feel sluggish, stagnant, and frustrated on the mats. The motivation makes them willing to do whatever it takes to combat their lack of willpower.

The areas of your life that have frustrated you and issues you have procrastinated fixing will slowly fade away. In order to reach your BJJ goal, you need to tap out your habits!

Social Confidence

We see some beginning students start their journey with a fear of social interaction, conflict, and connection:

  • They may not feel the power to speak their mind because they are nervous about confrontation.
  • They may be stuck in a bad relationship in which they don’t have the necessary confidence to unchain themselves
  • They may not have the ability to get into a relationship because of the fear of rejection, which is quite similar to the fear of losing.
  • Perhaps they are surrounded by negative friends that offer poor influence.

The physical power gained through jiu-jitsu provides the foundation for social confidence and connection.

Thousands of students have walked through the doors and suddenly received a promotion at work because of a new found and inspired work ethic. They had the courage to approach the girl they were nervous to approach. They had the fortitude to speak their mind to the bully or coworker who was taking advantage of them. The camaraderie on the mats and empowerment felt through the art destroys social barriers.

I hope you can handle feeling invincible.


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