5 Bad Habits of New Students

Have you ever rolled with a white belt and thought to yourself, what the heck are you doing??Maybe you are a white belt, and you have had people explain some of your bad habits. This is normal. We all come into Jiu-Jitsu with natural bad habits. As we progress we realize why certain things don’t work the way we originally believed. Here are the top 5 annoying habits of new students.

1.) Poor hygiene– We have all known that guy who comes to class strait from work and has somewhat distasteful body odor. He doesn’t cut his toe/finger nails and we honestly are not sure if he showers regularly. Luckily this habit is normally very short lived and rare.

2.) The Spaz– This stage can actually progress for a while and is one of the more annoying. This person goes 100% every roll and will do unorthodox things to escape submission. This habit is very dangerous and can lead to serious injury.

3.) The Bleeder– This guy is always bleeding, and we have no idea why or how. He seriously needs to wrap his whole body in tape to protect cuts. Is that my blood or yours? Of course, it is always his.

4.) The wrestler– While wrestling provides great experience and skill sometimes these guys take it too far. These are the people who hesitant to engage in actually grappling and instead hand fight you to death and use so much posture that attacking from guard is very difficult.

5.) The Gym Hopper– This is the person who actually attends classes at 2 or 3 separate places in the same area. Thankfully this one is rare, but none the less is strange and annoying to their instructor(s). While cross training with other gyms is great this guy takes it to far; almost to the point where neither instructor knows who is supposed to promote him/her.

What other habits of grapplers annoy you personally? We all have our own pet peeves.

Honorable mentions – The Finger Grabber, The Talker, The Teacher, The guy is always injured, The “let’s go light” guy.


  1. LOL! I’ve always been the “let’s go light” guy, otherwise I’d get too banged up and would have to miss a few classes. Besides, why go hard if you don’t know the technique properly? It also doesn’t help that I’m in my 40’s.


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