5 Excuses People Use To Quit Jiu-Jitsu

We all love Jiu-Jitsu , but why? We love it because it gives us something real to focus on and to strive for. It gives us a good workout, confidence and some great self-defense.  Jiu-Jitsu also however has one of the highest dropout rates among martial arts. Why is this? Well as we all know, Jiu-Jitsu is hard. There are so many complications that can happen and people justify leaving in many different ways. So what are the top reasons people end up leaving Jiu-Jitsu?


  • No Time – I don’t have the time to train. The schedule doesn’t work for me! Let’s face it, the majority don’t have time to train, but we make the time !
  • I have a family – People sometimes let their obligations as a family man/woman get in the way. However there are many easy solutions to this problem. You can bring your family to train and you can also get a sitter, or arrange to have some time to yourself and then give your significant other some time to their self.
  • I get to sore– News flash, we all get sore! If you train your body in anything physical then surely you will experience soreness. So, unless you are content with being a couch potato, there is no avoiding this feeling.
  • I’m Injured– While not an excuse in and of itself, it is excuses if, after you heal you don’t return and unfortunately sometimes this does happen.
  • My job requires a lot of travel – So? You can simply have a school which you consider your home school and then do drop ins while you are out of town. While not conventional this is actually a great way to learn.


People make a lot of excuses as to why they end up leaving BJJ, but in reality most of them are simply that, excuses.  What excuse have you heard from people who leave the academy?


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