5 Guillotine Choke Variations

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art that is constantly evolving. This is thanks to the greatest minds in the world gathering together in their mat “laboratories” and experimenting with variations along with different and better ways to perform the old, standard techniques.

The guillotine choke has had more than a few innovations, and today we will have a look at the most effective variations.

First, some details on the basic guillotine choke.

Now let’s look at some cool variations!

1) Arm in guillotine 

Renzo Gracie made this variation popular, and so it is fitting we get the man himself to demonstrate the arm in guillotine. This is common in MMA, but also has a high failure rate.

2) Marcelo Garcia on the Guillotine from Closed Guard
Named the “Marcelotine” by some, Marcelo is most famous for his tight “high elbow” style of guillotine choke. This variation is gaining popularity among advanced practitioners for the difficulty in countering it once it is sunk.


3) 10 finger guillotine
Chris Brennan shows this variation of cupping the chin and applying pressure to the back of the head. Recently, UFC heavyweight Ben Rothwell has been submitting some with this guillotine.

4) “Pretzel Grip” Guillotine Choke
Denny Prokopos of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu shows a variation on a variation. This is a different grip for the high elbow guillotine. Advocates say they find the initial grip easier to secure.

5) One-arm guillotine from half-guard
Kenny Florian explains how to attack with only one arm. The principle for the choke is the same as the two-armed variations. However, when your other arm is busy with another task, you can still attack the submission.

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