5 Items For Your Competition Bag


So, you are on your way to the big competition ayy? You dieted and trained super hard. You did everything right in preparation, and now it’s time to test yourself. But is you’re bag ready? I can’t count the amount of times I have seen someone going around looking for something at a vendor or from other competitors that they forgot. So what should you bring with you to the competition? In general the more you bring the better. You can never be over prepared. Here are the top 5 items you should bring with you to the big tournament.

  • 2 Kimonos– This is a minimum! So many people get dq’d because their Kimono does not meet regulations. Having multiple kimonos is a great way to prevent this. Also attached to this is to always bring both your daily training belt and a newer and less worn belt.
  • Tape– Tape should always be in your bag because it is so easy to damage your fingers. Brining tape can both prevent finger injury and aid it should you damage them in one of your preliminary matches. The worst feeling is going into your next match and you can’t make a decent grip.
  • Water– This is a no-brainer, bring water. Bring a full gallon jug if possible especially if your plan is to compete in the open weight division as well. Nothing hydrates as well as water so set down that sport drink and just grab some water.
  • Sandals– Again this should be a no-brainer, but we have all seen those white belts who walk around barefoot..even in the bathroom..eww.
  • Music Device– Bring something that can allow you to listen to music and get in your zone both before and in-between matches. Music is a great aid in either calming nervs or pumping us up depending on your own particular needs.


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