5 Sneaky Collar Chokes Your Opponent Won’t See Coming

The more experienced the opponent that you are rolling against, the more difficult it can be to get them with the standard, well known attacks.

An attack that the opponent doesn’t identify as being a threat can completely surprise them and get you the submission.

In the kimono, your own kimono lapels can be used to choke the opponent – a strategy that many won’t see coming!
How can we use different, creative kimono grips to choke our opponents?

Here are 5 Sneaky Collar Chokes Your Opponent Won’t See Coming!

1) Draculino – Samurai Choke
Passing the lapel is the sneaky part here. Once you have the grip, it is lights out for your opponent.

2) Brabo Choke In The Gi – Stephan Kesting
The Brabo choke is similar in concept to the no-gi Darce choke.
That lapel grip is also a powerful control to prevent the opponent from turning to face you.


3) Magid Hage’s Famous Choke
Gracie Barra’s “Gorilla Hands” Magid has put many opponents to sleep in tournament matches with this choke. He baits them into passing and then shuts the trap!

4) Loop Choke Setup From Guard Lovato
Your opponent puts their head down in order to attempt to control your pants and pass.
They unknowingly give their head for you to loop their lapel around their neck. There are numerous variations of this loop choke you can experiment with.

5) Ninja Roll Choke – Garrote Choke
If you pull this one off with the rolling finish in front of your training partners, you will establish instant “mat cred”!
Hopefully someone catches a video of it for your personal hilight reel.

Biggest Submissions in ADCC Competition

What is your best sneaky submission?


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