5 Things To Consider When Buying A New Gi

So, you’re looking for a new gi?

If you’re a veteran, then you’ve probably realized how many options we truly have. Yes BJJ gis have come a long way since the nineties when they were almost all white and had to be imported by special order. Sometimes, you had to know someone to get one.

This is going to be a short guide for all the newer students out there who are trying to figure out what gi company to buy from.  I will focus on the key considerations we have to make before purchasing a gi.


This can be a big one. Some people will spend an outrageous amount of cash on highly collectible gis like Shoyoroll. Others prefer to keep it cheap. Neither of these approaches are wrong, but as a beginner, it might be better to stick with the cheaper gis.


This can be for both preference and academy rules. Some people tend to like one color over another and some academies have rules on what color gis you are allowed to use.


Is it hot or cold where you train? If your gym is in Phoenix, you might want to stick with lighter weave gis. However, in colder environments it can be beneficial to use thicker gis because you will warm up faster and they will last longer.


While all gis are good, some have a reputation for either ripping prematurely or for other things. It is important to do research on brands before you buy. One of the greatest tools in this generation is the internet. Use it.

Personal Preferences

This is related to color, but I am specifically talking about the layout of the gi. What contrast stitching do you like? Do you like it to look simple or all patched up.

This is also important because you are the one who will be wearing it.

Also worth noting is the fit. Do you like your gis baggy or sleek and tight?

While there are probably a million things to look at when buying a gi. These five are probably the most important for both beginners and veterans.


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