My 6 Favorite YouTube Bjj Channels

I am as guilty as any of you of spending hours watching BJJ techniques on YouTube. In fact, there is a term for it: “going down the rabbit hole”. You click on a cool technique that you see on Jiu-jitsu Times and then look at the clock two hours later and realize that you started watching just one technique video and are now studying videos on the knee slice pass.

I like to subscribe to some channels which consistently deliver high quality BJJ technique information. I’m not talking about webisodes or documentaries, which are also great. I’m talking just for techniques.

Here are my top six channels, in no particular order:

1) Great Grappling

When I do an article on techniques for Jiu-jitsu Times, this is often the first place I look for solid instruction. JJT even interviewed Jeremy Arel, who puts out a ton of content on this awesome channel!

Off the Mat with a Bjj Black Belt: Jeremy Arel

Off the Mat with a BJJ Black Belt: Jeremy Arel

2) BJJ Joe
I especially like the technical instruction of black belt Kris Kim. Great details on your favorite techniques! You can spend hours on this channel alone.

DRILL: Passing Butterfly Guard with Leg Weave

3) BJJLibrary
Run by the legendary Ribeiro brothers, this channel also features videos by the top guys in the world of BJJ.

Controlling the Mount with Saulo Ribeiro

4) Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ
One of the lesser known great instructors out there, Carlson Gracie black belt Ricardo Cavalcanti shows basic techniques with advanced details.

PHOTO RicardoCavalcanti.jpg

5) Kurt Osiander Move of the Week
If you don’t know who Kurt Osiander is, you must be living in a cave (without mats). Kurt consistently delivers top notch instruction on all of the positions in BJJ.

Kurt Osiander’s Move of the Week – Knee On Belly Escape

6) Stephan Kesting / Grapplearts
Is there ANY other channel on YouTube that puts out as much free and high quality content as Grapplearts? Subscribe and you will get more top notch instruction than your BJJ brain can handle!

How To Do the Brabo Choke In The Gi

Check out the Jiu-jitsu Times YouTube channel 


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