6 Video Ideas for BJJ Conditioning

Often, a student breathing heavily after a roll with a really fit opponent will ask me what they should do to improve their physical conditioning?

An over 40 bjj student will complain of nagging injuries and look for some ideas on how they can strengthen their joints to guard against injury and stay on the mat.

Most experienced physical trainers will tell you that bodybuilding style routines are NOT the best use of a bjj students conditioning time.

I have found certain physical trainers to be outstanding sources of information on:
1) New training ideas for those who feel stale
2) Solid information on the correct form and mechanics of strength moves

Check out these great videos:

Steve Maxwell: Xande Ribeiro Pull-Up/Get-Up

read also on Jiu-jitsu Times: Off the Mat with a Bjj Black Belt: Steve Maxwell

ATOS Bulgarian Bag Training

Ginastica Natural on the beach in Rio

Parrumpinha – Ginastica Natural

Mike Mahler Fun Kettlebell Complex for warming up and conditioning

Pavel Tsatsouline – More Russian Kettlebell Challenges
Turkish Get Up

The “Four Minute Workout” – Bare Bones Physical Conditioning for Bjj


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