A 105lb Girl Chokes Out a 220lb Man (Night Night)



  1. It happens. People get choked out in class. It's part of training. Laughing about it is childish and disrespectful.

  2. David, I don't know what robots you train with, but a 105 girl accidentally choking someone out is something a normal human being might laugh at

  3. No, Daren. Actually he is not right. He simply has an opinion, which I respectfully disagree with along with Bailey. He wasn't choked out during rolling. He was choked out accidentally, priloving the teachers point that the smaller female could in fact hold him down regardless of her size. It was a comical scene. That's why everyone laughed. Keep it playful. And smile in your Danny profile pic, David! Lol.

  4. Daren Kawika Martin In fact, he himself was laughing. If we can't take time to laugh at small things like this, when do we ever laugh? I take things that are serious, seriously. But this was just fun. There's no need to cry all over the spilled milk ^.^

  5. Really? Your school is so serious that there is not the kind of relationships between students that allow this kind of spirit? My friends will laugh their ass off it I go out and I will laugh with them. No one thinks it is disrespectful or a big deal.

  6. Daren Kawika Martin I wasn't being mean dude, don't take everything so "internetty". I'm not the kinda person to say "u mad bro" and spout memes at people, that behaviour is abhorrent. It;s just a saying, me old mucka.

  7. Daren Kawika Martin What the fuck ARE You talking about man? You clearly cannot read, I said I bear you no ill will then you go and call me a kid.

    Acquire a little literacy proficiency, then proceed to wax lyrical on altogether unimportant "banter".
    You do look the jester, right about now. If you like I can break down every sentence I've written for you, so that you may understand basic English?

  8. Accidents happen in training…..even in jiujistu……you got to be able to laugh it off and have fun with it when it does…………one….beucase it assures her that she is not a bad person for trying…..and two….it shows that he is still friends with her even though she choked him……… its a good way to reassure each other………….. heck…I once got my mouth cut open during a roll…….. he apologized and we both laughed it off……not because it was funny…..but to let each other know we were still friends

  9. Debi Goodwin Wasn't escalated from my view lol, that guy wanted to take completely neutral comments as a personal attack, which is obviously as they are illiterate D:

  10. I went out during a demonstration last week via our professor and everyone got a good laugh at it. No reason to take offense to it, it happens sometimes!


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