A Beginner’s Guide To Joining A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gym

Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Photo by: BJJPix

Starting Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a life changing event, and having some inside knowledge can help that change go more smoothly.

In this video, Coach Tom from The Grappling Academy goes over some things that new jiu-jitsu students should remember when joining a new gym.

These include:

  • Calling your instructor “coach” or “professor”
  • Bow when you walk into a new gym
  • Don’t wear shoes on the mats
  • Don’t take drink breaks unless you’re told to
  • Don’t be the last one back on the mats
  • Don’t tell people about your accomplishments
  • Bring a big drink bottle

Naturally, these rules will vary from gym to gym. Indeed, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is known for being a comparatively casual martial art. But when you walk into a gym for the first time, it is always a good idea to be on your best behavior.


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