A Happy Update About The Guy Who Attacked A Black Belt In The Gym’s Parking Lot

Last week, black belt Adam Nadow shared a video of what happened when a man tried to assault him in the parking lot of his own academy. In their first encounter, things didn’t go too well for the non-black belt — he promptly had his back taken and was controlled by Nadow until the police showed up.

In a happy (and surprising) update, though, Nadow has revealed that the story didn’t end there. Yesterday, he shared a photo of him and his impromptu rolling partner smiling with a friendly arm around each other.

“Look who stopped by.
Adam Moss the guy who attacked me. He showed up during class, he came to apologize. I was shocked. He seemed level and grounded. I asked why he was so upset,…and what his situation was. He said he is homeless and has trouble sometimes controlling himself. he seemed to not totally be able to remember the situation. But all the same he came hat in hand. I had to respect the apology. He said he was hungry and cold, I went to the store and purchased him a bag of food and water. Also the team chipped in and got him a gift card for food at Safeway. He also needed a tent. So im going to get him one sat when he comes back. The food will be given weekly to help him under the agreement that he gets some help and doesn’t assault any one. Glad he stopped by. Made my night.”

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that this pleasant update leads to more great things for these two Adams.


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