Blue Belt Opens First BJJ/MMA Gym In The State Of Arunachal Pradesh In India

A lot of us may take for granted just how easy it is to access jiu-jitsu where we live. Whether we can choose from a number of high-level academies and coaches or we have to drive a bit, we can at least appreciate the access we have to instruction and training partners.

Elsewhere, though, people who want to train may have no opportunities to do so. Jiu-jitsu is spreading across the world, but there are many regions in which the nearest school is in another state or even another country. Until last year, the small Indian border state of Arunachal Pradesh was one of them, until a blue belt named Higio Tarak decided to change that.

Tarak founded Abrasumente Academy in Itanagar, and at the end of July, the gym celebrated their one-year anniversary.

In a post on Reddit, Tarak explained why he founded the gym: “As clichéd as it sounds. BJJ really did change my life for the better. I see the youth of my state going through the same things that I went through. That made me want to introduce BJJ as soon as possible to my people. I really hope BJJ can have a positive impact on some of their lives, just like it had on me. That would make me the happiest.”

Check out the promo for the gym below, and make sure to visit if you live near the gym or ever get the chance to travel to Arunachal Pradesh!


  1. Hi Averi Clements,

    Currently in India we have one champion by named Siddharth Singh, who is the first Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in India and a 14 Khan Grading, Silver Mongkol ‘Master’ in Muay Thai. Along with the above mentioned accolades Siddharth also has a very decorated track record as a professional fighter. He is India’s Highest Ranked Competitive Grappler, India’s only ADCC Taiwan and British BJJ Champion, Rank 4 in ACBJJ World Rankings and lastly 9 times Indian BJJ and Submission Grappling Champion.


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