A Truly Terrible Leg Injury During Grappling Match

Unfortunately, in the world of combat sports, people will get injured and a video recently popped up showing a Terrible leg break during grappling match. One of the women in the grappling contest is current UFC fighter Angela Magana, the other woman has not been identified as of yet. During the contest, the two competitors are locked up and then it happens, as the other woman’s leg violents snaps and the sound is just a cringe worthy one at best. This is the unfortunate side of combat sports, where somebodies life is altered for the worst due to an unfortunate injury.

Even more amazing is that the person who is operating the camera question what the sound was, but the crowd heard everything to and the sound was definitely the poor woman going through a gruesome leg injury. It is also unknown at this time if the women who suffers the brutal injury has ever returned to combat sports in any shape, way or form. The injury is definitely one of the most gruesome injuries to ever happen during a grappling competition, but all we can do after trying to stomach that video is to hope that the woman can get back to competition one day.


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